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About Us

About Us

Smarter, Ethical Advertising

Sift was founded to better serve attorney-clients according to needs that are unique to law firms, placing an emphasis on fast results, discretion, and premier customer service.

About Us

Our Founder

Noah Seiler is an attorney and marketer based in Minneapolis, MN. After practicing law, Noah returned to his passion of marketing and growing businesses, developing innovative strategies for law firms seeking better ways to advance their high-value cases. Over the past eight years, these strategies have led to the signing of plaintiffs behind hundreds of millions of dollars worth of settlements.




Dennis Acosta

Web Developer

Dennis designs and develops digital assets that are aesthetically pleasing and built to perform. A meticulous web designer that blends UX/UI design and coding skills to make extraordinary user experiences come to life, Dennis creates websites and landing pages that are on the cutting edge to maximize lead generation.

Outside of digital world, Dennis loves spending time with his family and reading.


Andy Whisney

Director of Paid Media

Professionally, Andy loves getting wins for clients. Every effort that he puts into client work comes with the desire to have it immediately succeed, while being nimble enough to pivot where and when needed. Reviewing analytics on a daily basis and seeing a continued return is an incredible feeling and is a desire he puts into every client request received. In his role at Sift, Andy distills client requests into results-focused advertising efforts. As the Director of Paid Media, Andy focuses time on proper ad creation and set up along with continued optimization where needed.

Personally, Andy loves photography, spending time with his dog, and writing!


Isaac Santiago

Graphic Design Specialist

Isaac creates visually appealing material that conveys specific messages and information in hopes to quickly educate and encourage consumers to get in touch with the investigating law firm.

Isaac attended San Diego State University and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. He personally enjoys the challenge of creating unique and effective material. He looks forward to meeting new people and being able to use his creativity to find a solution/improvement they may need. Throughout his career, he has worked on a variety of projects such as websites, sports design, logo design, publications and other marketing initiatives. This has helped him learn new design techniques and keep up with new design trends. He believes there is always something to learn from every opportunity, no matter how big or small that may be. Every day he looks forward to creating something new while using his creativity to find solutions for our clients.


Brandy Cardona

Intake Specialist

As an intake specialist, Brandy provides white glove services as a campaign begins producing leads, qualifying consumers that have been affected by case investigations. Once determining the individuals that were affected in a way that may make them a fit for the lawsuit, she introduces the attorneys and consumers to each other. Brandy enjoys researching and reviewing the new class action suits that are received and helping clients to achieve an action plan for each. She builds rapport with prospective clients coming from diverse backgrounds on a daily basis. She loves learning new things and ways to complete tasks in a timely manner.

In her personal life, she and her family enjoy exploring new nature parks and traveling.