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We accommodate firms of all sizes, with varying amounts of case-related campaigns. Typically, firms begin with one or two campaigns to test viability, then increase the amount of campaigns for expanded case filings. All of our services begin with a phone call to discuss the case and those affected. We form strategy based on the unique case, and accordingly commence the campaign. Throughout the process and when campaigns are live, we analyze data to improve performance, optimizing targeting and creative efforts.

Once leads begin matriculating in, you have the option of following-up yourself, or allowing us to help. We offer follow-up specialist services (“White Glove Services”) to connect with leads should you prefer to spend your time on substantive legal work. 


Standard Services

You receive leads straight to your desired email inbox, with individual names, contact information, and any self-described details behind their case. These leads are for you to follow-up with when convenient. Leads may also be delivered via a living spreadsheet to your team should this be your preference.

This service is often favored by firms running one or two campaigns at any given time. Different types of cases tend to generate a higher quantity of leads, so this is also a consideration to discuss with our experts.

White Glove Services

We’ll follow-up by phone with the leads we’ve produced and sift through them according to your preferences, determining the preferred individuals to introduce to you. Once introduced, it is always your choice whether to sign and represent them.

This service is popular for firms running more than two campaigns at a time, as it allows resources to be dedicated to legal work rather than the time-consuming process of following-up with leads. Our setup is custom according to your preferences, and guided by the key value metrics as you define them.

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